Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Help What's Happening To Me!


I play with Trevor, I’ve played with Franklin and Michael and now its Trevor's turn once more. Eventually though I put him down and go to Dunelm to look at curtains.


They don’t have the right colour though and so head off to The Range. They have the right colour but no option in the right size! This can’t be true. I pick some others, its a compromise but I think they will work. I also get some tile hooks, some Diva paint in matt, now I’m excited and I want one of these wind catchers. I want, but don’t get.


I note down Iron Stop and see if I can get the one I want online.


Once back home I put my curtains up. Yay they work well enough.


Then I go around and put up my hooks for the tie backs – help what's happening to me!


I then get my new palm sander out I had for Christmas. And get going, I’m very motivate. I’m going to get the job done.


A few hours later I have repainted the wall. I can see this is good, I can see this is going to work, I’m happy, I’m content, I’ve achieved something. Tomorrow I will give it a second coat, and it should be fine.


And for tonight's tea I have The Cucumber Got It salad with fish fingers.


It was totally yummy. And I settled down for the night, high as a kite off the paint fumes, I smiled and closed my eyes – I will get it done.

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