Saturday, January 31, 2015

All I need now is some furniture


I get up, not particularly early, in fact if anything a bit late, I have a cup of tea and head out to the hair dressers before I get paint in my hair. Oddly they tell me I’m late, I look puzzled and say “I don’t usually come until the afternoon”. We have a chat about snowboarding and then he finishes. He shows me the cut and I nod and say if I could see it I’d probably like it, and then reach for my glasses.


This is it then, the beautiful me. I go round the Greenies, not in, and then round my parents. They are in and my mom is really happy to see me for some reason. I leave eventually and head home, this is it then, I’d better get on with it, and I do. I sand the wall down until its smooth and then put on the thickest single paint layer I can. Not the ideal way of doing it – but then this wall is unlikely to be seen.


Whilst that is drying, I clean up the room, put the curtains up, and then on with the second coat. I put up the smaller curtains and then move the computer desk back in place, without touching the wet wall. Now what should I do with all this DIY stuff – ah yeah the small spare room.


A few hours latter its done. As good as it gets if I’m doing it. I like it, I’m happy, and done before my brother comes round to stay the night. All I need now is some furniture.


I lie on the bed and use my phone. Les is coming round, all the way from Bolton! Why did he watch the football in Bolton.


As it happens, its because he did, he had nothing better to do and with his central heating not working it was as cold outside as inside. “So what have you brought now then, that we are going to collect?”


It may not bed wardrobes, but it was round the corner and was not much wonga. I’ll find a use for it. And with that we went and found the empty house, dealt with the very friendly people, who were amazed we could get it all in the car. Things in life would be so much harder without Les and let him know if he’s too cold at home he can sleep round anytime until he gets his heating fixed.


Les drops me and my brother off at delhi 6 for some tea, by now a late tea. This is my favourite place to eat in Cannock. And that is saying something as the curries don’t come in a balti dish, although I may start to ask. My brother has not been here with me yet, and agrees the food is well tasty.


I ask them to prepare chilli Packora for me, which they do, although they do first let me know they only have the small chilli's to do them with. Oh yeah baby feed them to me now.


I could eat here every night,


and the nans are expectable, I’d had better, but they taste good, light, fluffy, they are a delight. If I only had a balti dish.


In some ways it was a shame to eat it as it smelled as divine as it tasted.


Before you knew it, it was all gone. The place was quiet, as quiet as last time, I had a chat with the staff and wished them luck with the place, for there food is a true winner. I for sure will be returning.


On the way back we slipped into the Weatherspoons and then stayed. Worryingly I stood next to the contactless payment machine!


At first it was busy.


Then it wasn’t. The good thing though about Cannock, is the drink prices. Its so like stepping back in time.


At home we go to bed, sleepy and tired and happy. So very, very, very , very happy to have got the front room done. Now which room next?

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Who Hid The Deloren in The Shed?


I get home from work and think to myself that bedroom 2 needs to re-arranged again. I spend some time doing this, and by the end of it, I like it the most the way it is, now re-arranged.


I go downstairs not feeling hungry still, since my KFC dinner I’d had.


I looked at my love film disc that had come and decided to put in, A million Ways To Die In The West. A tongue in cheek film that was brilliantly entertaining, even to the point of who hid the Deloren in the shed. I mean why, just why was that scene in the film.


If your into sheep, shot guns, death by oddity and sheep, then this film is for you. If your not into sheep, then I guess the film my suck as its about a sheep farmer. Of course it has a happy ending, which all adds to the oddity of the film itself.


I was going to go to bed early to ensure I got up early. But as it happens I haven't. I need to do all the things I need to do and then finish that front room off. I sleep with that thought in my head.

I have worked it out

Well if you see this I have worked it out. And if you don't, I haven't. If course doing it this way means Google has my photos stored, instead of me at Flickr. But which is worse? After all, Google knows me through and through, after all, they love my blog and they would love to use it to advertise with. Of course whilst I am here, I am not, although they will know I posted this from, exactly where I am. I can't say I like the cloud. I can't say I trust the cloud. Have you ever seen a cloud that eventually doesn't reign and then disappear, vanish, as if it was never there in the first place? Of course flicker is a cloud, but then I know yahoo are certainly to be expected to rain, more likely to than most clouds. Yes, a different kind of rain. Here it has snowed, and apart from the subway only I use, and therefor guess they are art decorating especially for me, it has been a slippery journey for me this morning to the place I am. If anything would it be a wonderfully wicked surprise if it was tiled with a million tiles of all my photos from Flickr. After all I'm nearly there, yes at the big number. But if I use Google for my bog pictures, I may not ever get there. Now where is that London Midland Train, my feet are getting cold.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Drilling Holes

A couple of parcels came, yes a couple as in three. I don't remember ordering anything but sanding heads. The boxes looks too big, and the jiffy bag too small. What could they be! What is it I've spent my money on without remembering. I know earlier today I was looking at still bits. I was looking for quality drill bits, maisionary ones that will drill old, hard as stone, impenetrable brick drill bits. I know I didn't order any though, my desire as a man to drill, constantly drill. Can you imagine all those holes. Of course it wasn't drills. Parcel one, an odd one was from QVC. I hadn't ordered anything from QVC and to give you the dew of the grass this parcel was brought round from my parents and not directly to this house. It does have my name on it though, and when opened it was for me, well my garden,  my mom had ordered some speciality bulbs. Of course the name on the box shouldn't be mine. A QVC cloud issue I guess. They think I live there do I do. They think I ordered it, so I did. Of course if that's the way it worked the card payment shouldn't have gone through, or I've paid them without me knowing. I guess the thing is the objects of desire are here, there just not exciting drill bits. Box two was a random eBay purchase, a Sega mega drive, with no leads, no joypads, no games. Just the box. Random, totally random.
And in the jiffy bag, was the sanding heads. What a dilemma. To finish the room this weekend or to go snowboarding. Sadly I know I desire to finish the decorating more, more than I want to drill holes!

No photo blogger app

It won't post if I attach a photo :(


[after note – the photos were put in after]

And didn't want to read


I get up this morning and when I open the door, it has and is snowing. I ponder the thought of should I use the car or train, but deep within me I know London Midland won't let me down. I decide not to go the back way but to go straight down the road and though the town centre, after all it may well look really nice in virgin white. The town centre though is a not lower in height than my house and this seems to make all the difference, for in the centre it is just wet and miserable.


I walk past the sleeping shops, round the corner and down the underpass. The one that has had a sign by it claiming they are going to redo it in an artist way, a sign that has been there ever since I have been using the underpass. I feel that they're may be some glimmer of hope on this happening though, as in the paper last night there was a "story" in there about it maybe happening soon. Dies this mean I won't be able to cross the road safely then. After all I always felt better about bring mugged down here rather than being run over on the road. We all know what wanker drivers are like these days. I pass Morrison's staying on the high road to the station. As usual these days I make it leisurely time and look to see if the train is coming on time or if the snow somewhere may have delayed it. Would you believe it, the train came two minutes early, and whilst I got on at my usual door the only free seats were eight at the front, so that is where I headed. For some reason I didn't feel like reading, I didn't feel like stating, I didn't really know what to do to entertain my magical and mystical mind. Perhaps I want to write, to scribble away, and do thought I hadn't tried the blogger app on this phone.


So here I sit in Walsall,  in the waiting room, waiting for my connecting slow rain into Brum, a place I'm not going to, worst still is probably the fact the train is being driven by a girl. Is that allowed? Hell they can't drive cars properly so why allow them to drive trains ;).

And with that tongue and cheek I ponder how this post looks?

I maybe wrong, the train glides along the rails like we are floating, magically comes to a halt at each station and then just as magically, with a large accumulation of black smoke glides into action, her voice just as gently commenting where we are, for a change not one of those automated voices who's gone out of synch with where you actually are. I sit back relax knowing I'll get to wherever it is I'm going.


Pizzazz the bigger ap won't post.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

As sad as it gets


Today London Midlands ride to work was nice, relaxing. In fact the worst thing about it was having to get off to go to work.


For dinner I had a salad that I’ve made each day for a while, and hence the vast array of salad I brought at Jessica’s on Saturday.


But it is nice and it is filling.


Sometime later I’m in Asda, that is right, not Morrison's, but Asda, a bit further down the road. Not a lot but a little bit. I brought some items I didn’t actually need, and a light pull I did for the front bedroom, not the one I wanted, but what they had and it would do. And whilst I was there I looked at the Vacuum cleaners they had. Now I had been looking for a new vacuum cleaner, I just hadn’t reached into my wallet yet. And here they had just one of there Russell Hobbs units. Now their kettles are alright, but are they good at making the Chinese make vacuum cleaners? I take it as it was the last one it had fifthteen pounds off it so I took it. At the cash desk it was £60 quid, so I mentioned the ticket on the shelf said £45, and yep when they went and checked they let me have it for £45.


Its not that I don’t have a vacuum cleaner, but the Dyson is rubbish at cleaning hard wood floors and my cheapo Tesco cleaner I had for my car years ago has no pipe or head. So here we are, its real exciting, I got it out and used it. My floors were dirty, very dirty and it did the job well and quickly.



As sad as it gets, and we all know how to use a vacuum cleaner and decided to read the instructions! And I was pleasantly surprised to find out


They had been written by someone with either some humour or someone who has meat some really thick people! It made for a good read.


So the vacuum itself is good, the hose is good, and the length of cable is good and it sucks very well


So what's not good with it? The two pipes, they are cheap and nasty and the size of the dirt bucket. They really make a good product not so great. Erm kettles…..

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pot Plants


Life is always brightened by London Midland trains. As I approach the station from a distance a train pulls into the station. I panic, hell I must have walked very slowly this morning, and look at my watch, I’m to far away to run, so I don’t and then notice the time on my watch. Nope I wasn’t late, if anything I was very early, and in fact the train was early, or very late. As me and another man walk to the platform the train leaves just, without us! I ponder why? Surely it should have not left until 7:55. I look at the board, nope the 7:55 train hasn’t come yet, so it must have been very late. I walk to my waiting place on the platform and wait. The platform fills up, the train is still on time, the time comes for the train to appear, people wait eagerly, the time comes for the train to leave, the board still says its on time, but no train. the clock ticks on, the board doesn’t update to say its going to be late. The train doesn’t come, the board doesn’t update. The train is late, the board doesn’t update. It doesn’t admit anything, then it vanishes, off the board. There’s a lot of muttering, a lot of looking at phones, and me thinking I’ve got to go back for my car.


As it happens that train that disappeared off the board, appeared in real life, no warning, no announcements no “we are so so so sorry”, so I guess on this occasion they were not!


One of the sales personnel has brought me a plant from their garden, they promised they would. At dinner time we went down to their car and took it out and then left it at the end of my desk. As people walked past I was asked on many occasions, is that really what I think it is? Is that a pot plant? This actually got a few conversations going. As it happens its not a pot plant but black bamboo.


And whilst it may not look immediately black, I can confirm that in real life, the steams are black.


Sometime later I was at home, no relation to the the bamboo plant, that is still at work until I take the car in one day. I open the Mexicana extra hot cheese. Now this cheese is mind blowingly good, I mean so good you don’t need pot.


In fact I ate the lot!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Day Maybe


I wake up promising to get on with that decorating. Though that is after an hour of play with GTAV.


And I do.


The second coat of paint goes on and then the last wall gets a skim.


Mean time I start to tidy up the other end of the room.


There is dust everywhere. And now while I wait for the smoothright to go off


I decide to have some dinner, which consisted of prime bacon, and chilli cheese sandwihces. Wow to the chilli cheese it was bang up wicked wild mouth blowing.


Back upstairs the Dyson was do a fine job of keeping the dust at bay, which is more than can be said for its floor cleaning abilities. I sand down the wall but it hasn’t gone off enough and I end up having to replaster it again. I will have to wait a day.


Now just look at this mess.


I look at the wall and I’m disappointed with myself. I so wanted to get it finished today.


But time has moved, maybe one day it will be done, maybe one day this week?


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