Thursday, January 01, 2015

A New Day


We get up, slowly, there no rush, and I cook a massive breakfast for each of us. Not that we need a massive breakfast, we are all still full from last nights dinner. Les tells me he slept wonderfully. And at around 10am we get two messages. One from Mr Greenie asking if we want to go for a walk and one from Mrs Greenie asking if we want to go to Ikea. One thing I know and that is I want to leave the brick box. I reply to Green a fair few times, like who wants to go to Ikea on New Years Day. I might need wardrobes but I don’t want them yet. Eventually though Mrs Greenie replies first, luckily enough to tell us Mr Greenies phone isn’t working anymore. We are going to go for a walk and I know a simple on for us.


Sometime later we are here.


We start the walk at the furthest point from where I live and are going to walk to the centre highpoint where you can see it all!


Of course you can’t take the sign with you but I have leaflets.


We set off but unlike the other day its not as icy wonderful. Kind of drab and damp. But we solider on.


Either way the children are loving being outdoors as much as me.


And she is loving finding the next purple marker, as in purple like your trousers.


From here we can see the Wrekin, as in round the Wrekin. Of course I’ve zoomed in a lot, its not that big from here and if your closer its a lot bigger. Either way its far far far away.


And we keep going upwards in search of the amazing view we are promised.


Some how though I do not think its going to be everything that was promised.


In fact the best bit of the view is them, the people I am with, that's what makes me happy.


Well we are meant to be able to see the world, but the truth is all we can see in large is the new Veolia Recycling plant (furnace to you and me). From here it is a large zit with a yellow pimple right in your eyes. Its bigger here then if your right up close to it at the Four Ashes, which after my comment about the Wrekin doesn’t make sense. Either way some shouldn’t have built it like they have. Its not marked on this plaque and I guess it doesn’t need to be as you can’t miss it, but I’m going to bring my marker pen back with me one day.



And there’s nothing to keep us here so


I read the bench and


They head off.


and they are not hanging about searching for those “get us out of here” markers.


The thing is the walk turned out to be so much


shorter than anticipated, and more boring, however it needn’t be over just yet.


For there is the woodland walk too, I suggest it and everyone is up for it, a walk in the haunted woods. Well not so much haunted but a highwayman actually robbed around this parts. Now its just used for dogging.


We park up and look for the start point.


Its the memorial of course.


And then we were off in the more tranquil setting of the woods.


And dogs, lots of dogs, this one inparticular though, a 1001 dog.


and friendly too.


We paved our way through the woods, further, deeper, the trees welcoming us.


Nack, map reading is boring I’m told, but will she give it back to me, will she? Hell no. She is of course hiding the marker post.


And on we trudge, forward, upward, but we all know where we are going to end up. We know the destination. That doesn’t encourage us.


Nack there's no need for hands to hold the map with now. An impressive trick, but can you show me where we are?


We are here of course.


At this fantastic point, the place to be, the place to see, to see the Veolia furnace at the Four Ashes.


We head quickly back into the woods following the markers, pretending we never saw it, that it was never there. That they never did build it, that no back handers had ever happened. How could something like that be built, and built so quickly, when say the West Midlands Tram Network never gets built. That though is a question no one should ask should they wish to keep there tongue or be ever seen again.


And so we disappear into the woods not asking such questions, but thinking, I can see why the highwayman did his business here.


Nack, can we take this tree home, she asks. 


We can of course take anything home, did you bring the saw?


And whilst the others walked off, we being sawing the beech tree down, the only beech tree in the woods. It will burn well I tell her, and we will be warm.


Sometime later, but not much we return to the memorial and the cars, from here there is only one place to go to.


To the barns, shhhhs don’t tell my mom.


And we have a drink, and a chat, and we are are happy. Happy that is until the next feeding time, and its not that that make us unhappy. Its that is makes us overly full again.

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