Friday, January 02, 2015



I get up and have another might meaty breakfast. This has got to stop soon, As usual its a breakfast for two but there’s just me here.


My music collection is here in vinyl format. I have a flick through and feel scared at the music contacted within.


I consider what the neighbours may enjoy and pull out the Pet Shop Boys Actually.


I slip it on the turn table and enjoy the sound, the sound one can only get from needle slowly dragging around a piece of flexible plastic, that has not been looked after, in anyway.


I then put on PT, have a go and think hell I could get further on this when I didn’t know what I was doing all those months back on October. I reach for my phone and a walk through. I consider the following, this is ludicrous. Your obviously not meant to be able to work any of this out, these aren't puzzles, but the atmosphere is great. Perhaps I should have waited until it was dark before playing it. I change the game and play Grand Theft Auto the story for a while.


I need a break, the milkman has been, the milkman has been paid, and I have an abundance of milk. So milk, strawberry flavouring and blender equals.


Pink strawberry ice cold refreshment. The job and gangstering goes on.


It goes dark, and I feel the mood for some mood lighting, so some lava lamps go on.


And my fake candles go on to.


I have positioned them so that they twinkle in the world souvenirs.


I stare at them, and dream, dream the dreams of where I’ve been.


I ponder what to do with the rest of the night, I’m not sure, I’m not keen to play anymore. Perhaps a film is needed. I ponder for a moment. I go onto Youtube and do some catching up on my favourite channels. And then I ponder some more. Someone told me about YouTubOnFire. I ponder if it will work on the PS4. I give it a go and it does. I flick down the selection. Now what to watch on my Sony Play Station, on the Sony Network, Sony TV and Sony sound system. Oh yeah the Sony not distributed film.


And so I watch the Interview in full HD, I can’t really see though why the film was pulled. Its so silly it couldn’t be any further from the truth? Could it?

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