Saturday, January 31, 2015

All I need now is some furniture


I get up, not particularly early, in fact if anything a bit late, I have a cup of tea and head out to the hair dressers before I get paint in my hair. Oddly they tell me I’m late, I look puzzled and say “I don’t usually come until the afternoon”. We have a chat about snowboarding and then he finishes. He shows me the cut and I nod and say if I could see it I’d probably like it, and then reach for my glasses.


This is it then, the beautiful me. I go round the Greenies, not in, and then round my parents. They are in and my mom is really happy to see me for some reason. I leave eventually and head home, this is it then, I’d better get on with it, and I do. I sand the wall down until its smooth and then put on the thickest single paint layer I can. Not the ideal way of doing it – but then this wall is unlikely to be seen.


Whilst that is drying, I clean up the room, put the curtains up, and then on with the second coat. I put up the smaller curtains and then move the computer desk back in place, without touching the wet wall. Now what should I do with all this DIY stuff – ah yeah the small spare room.


A few hours latter its done. As good as it gets if I’m doing it. I like it, I’m happy, and done before my brother comes round to stay the night. All I need now is some furniture.


I lie on the bed and use my phone. Les is coming round, all the way from Bolton! Why did he watch the football in Bolton.


As it happens, its because he did, he had nothing better to do and with his central heating not working it was as cold outside as inside. “So what have you brought now then, that we are going to collect?”


It may not bed wardrobes, but it was round the corner and was not much wonga. I’ll find a use for it. And with that we went and found the empty house, dealt with the very friendly people, who were amazed we could get it all in the car. Things in life would be so much harder without Les and let him know if he’s too cold at home he can sleep round anytime until he gets his heating fixed.


Les drops me and my brother off at delhi 6 for some tea, by now a late tea. This is my favourite place to eat in Cannock. And that is saying something as the curries don’t come in a balti dish, although I may start to ask. My brother has not been here with me yet, and agrees the food is well tasty.


I ask them to prepare chilli Packora for me, which they do, although they do first let me know they only have the small chilli's to do them with. Oh yeah baby feed them to me now.


I could eat here every night,


and the nans are expectable, I’d had better, but they taste good, light, fluffy, they are a delight. If I only had a balti dish.


In some ways it was a shame to eat it as it smelled as divine as it tasted.


Before you knew it, it was all gone. The place was quiet, as quiet as last time, I had a chat with the staff and wished them luck with the place, for there food is a true winner. I for sure will be returning.


On the way back we slipped into the Weatherspoons and then stayed. Worryingly I stood next to the contactless payment machine!


At first it was busy.


Then it wasn’t. The good thing though about Cannock, is the drink prices. Its so like stepping back in time.


At home we go to bed, sleepy and tired and happy. So very, very, very , very happy to have got the front room done. Now which room next?

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