Tuesday, January 27, 2015

As sad as it gets


Today London Midlands ride to work was nice, relaxing. In fact the worst thing about it was having to get off to go to work.


For dinner I had a salad that I’ve made each day for a while, and hence the vast array of salad I brought at Jessica’s on Saturday.


But it is nice and it is filling.


Sometime later I’m in Asda, that is right, not Morrison's, but Asda, a bit further down the road. Not a lot but a little bit. I brought some items I didn’t actually need, and a light pull I did for the front bedroom, not the one I wanted, but what they had and it would do. And whilst I was there I looked at the Vacuum cleaners they had. Now I had been looking for a new vacuum cleaner, I just hadn’t reached into my wallet yet. And here they had just one of there Russell Hobbs units. Now their kettles are alright, but are they good at making the Chinese make vacuum cleaners? I take it as it was the last one it had fifthteen pounds off it so I took it. At the cash desk it was £60 quid, so I mentioned the ticket on the shelf said £45, and yep when they went and checked they let me have it for £45.


Its not that I don’t have a vacuum cleaner, but the Dyson is rubbish at cleaning hard wood floors and my cheapo Tesco cleaner I had for my car years ago has no pipe or head. So here we are, its real exciting, I got it out and used it. My floors were dirty, very dirty and it did the job well and quickly.



As sad as it gets, and we all know how to use a vacuum cleaner and decided to read the instructions! And I was pleasantly surprised to find out


They had been written by someone with either some humour or someone who has meat some really thick people! It made for a good read.


So the vacuum itself is good, the hose is good, and the length of cable is good and it sucks very well


So what's not good with it? The two pipes, they are cheap and nasty and the size of the dirt bucket. They really make a good product not so great. Erm kettles…..

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