Monday, January 05, 2015

Curtains are more important


I awake at 5am, yes 5am. Do I want to? No, do I want to go to work, well in some cases yes, some human interaction again. Whilst having your own space can be nice too much of it isn’t. I still have hair. I need to be creative once more. Later my alarm clock goes off and I don’t want to get up. Now that's just silly isn’t it. But the truth. I eventually get out of bed and get breakfast, which consists of Crunchy Nut cornflakes. Yes at last things are looking better diet wise. I put some bananas and apples in my bag along with a can of chilli and leave the door and use my feet. Like a fool I buy a monthly ticket. I ponder wise it wise?


The other good thing about being on the train is the joy of having time to read. And here is Generation – X. I’m keen to read it, the KLF book mentioned it and I had it ready in my collection unknowing that I was going to be ”instructed” to read it. Within this book must lie the answers the the questions.


Now I had read one or two of the pages at home, but on starting from the beginning I recognised none of them. Not a single page. In fact a few small chapters in I’m not keen on this book, but I’m going to persevere, in case the answer do lie within. What did lie within was “I should realise that the only reason we all go to work in the morning is because we’re terrified of what would happen if we stopped”. And this has been true for me. Bored and nothing to do, I have been glade to go to work. Hell I would have even gone if I wasn’t paid, at one point it was the most hilarious comedy ever, better than anything on TV. Those days seem to have gone, we are now more professional, we have to be, the world demands it even if the humans around us don’t. Once at work I realised just how much there was to after two weeks of. There is a queue, and queue jumping isn’t going to happen no matter how much you talk to me sweetly. The other notable thing that has happened today is I’ve been asked about twenty times, aren't you usually snowboarding this week? I’m not sure if this is a world wind up or not, the thing I’m passionate about being rammed in my face of what's going on your here and the snow is there. Even my boss asked me, I pondered the answer of I’m off then I forgot to go and came here by accident. I just pointed out financially it wasn’t on right now, curtains are more important. I think that may have been a lie.


The day flies by, I don’t do enough, or it seems it, in fact it doesn’t really how much I could do it wouldn’t be enough. I get off the chu chu and head into Morrison's for a loaf. I come out with 8 crusty buns, a tiger loaf, sweet peppers, a French Stick, a lettuce, Radish and bananas and knowing that Les as gone to the chippy and is trying to encourage me to go to mine across the road. He doesn’t succeed. I get in and close the door, I lock it just in case. And off I go up stairs to do some sanding. I feel the plaster, it has gone hard enough and so get on with it.


The results are smooth, so smooth, I run my hand over it, this is better than I could have imagined. Well there only one thing for it then.


And I get the paint out and give it the first coating. Maybe it will get another tomorrow.


And I prep up my good for you tea, pork salad in Balsamic vinegar.


I give the meters a check and ponder if they will make it too Wednesday. The electricity should.


The gas however…


Oh dear, this could be a close run thing. It might well be cold Tuesday night.


And with that I have hot bath to use some more gas and water, and switch of from the world for a while.

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