Thursday, January 29, 2015

Drilling Holes

A couple of parcels came, yes a couple as in three. I don't remember ordering anything but sanding heads. The boxes looks too big, and the jiffy bag too small. What could they be! What is it I've spent my money on without remembering. I know earlier today I was looking at still bits. I was looking for quality drill bits, maisionary ones that will drill old, hard as stone, impenetrable brick drill bits. I know I didn't order any though, my desire as a man to drill, constantly drill. Can you imagine all those holes. Of course it wasn't drills. Parcel one, an odd one was from QVC. I hadn't ordered anything from QVC and to give you the dew of the grass this parcel was brought round from my parents and not directly to this house. It does have my name on it though, and when opened it was for me, well my garden,  my mom had ordered some speciality bulbs. Of course the name on the box shouldn't be mine. A QVC cloud issue I guess. They think I live there do I do. They think I ordered it, so I did. Of course if that's the way it worked the card payment shouldn't have gone through, or I've paid them without me knowing. I guess the thing is the objects of desire are here, there just not exciting drill bits. Box two was a random eBay purchase, a Sega mega drive, with no leads, no joypads, no games. Just the box. Random, totally random.
And in the jiffy bag, was the sanding heads. What a dilemma. To finish the room this weekend or to go snowboarding. Sadly I know I desire to finish the decorating more, more than I want to drill holes!

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