Tuesday, January 13, 2015



I have no idea whats going on outside. I’m ill and doing nothing, I mean nothing at all for a bit. I do some work at home I have had them email me, but this was a mistake, my concentration is not there though, but eventually I get it done.


At some point I peek outside and can you believe it, its snowed and stuck.


Then there is someone at the door. Unbelievable….


that replacement phone I ordered has come already! I mean already! With all the excitement I open it up to charge it up and put my sim in it. But whats this, no, that can’t be, I’ve got a nano sim and this takes a micro sim. Its a new phone how can it be? Well pants. The Nexus 5 is the biggest phone yet, but should be more palatable with 32GB of memory.


I settle down to watch a film and decide on The Equalizer. A film I’ve been recommended to watch.


Oh my, this isn’t just good, its really good.


So good that its an awesome film, I love it, enjoy it, feel it.


And the girl, well does she get it in the end or not…..

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