Wednesday, January 14, 2015



I get up head out the door and think hell its cold. What has happened out here. The walk to the station is slippery and dangerous. Sometimes on the footpath, sometimes on the the road. Either was as slippery.


Eventually though I was there. Ready for a cold, cold wait.


Would the train really come I thought? And yes it did, four minutes late but it came.


Lots to do at work and then before you know it, its dinner time. I eat the sandwiches I’ve made and


play with my new Nexus 5, setting it up and thinking, erm its quiet big really. Eventually my nano to mini sim adaptor will come and we will be ready to go.


A cold walk home via Morrison's and I pick up two loafs for 50p. I have four lovely made beef burgers for tea and sit down to watch the film Fury. I was told it was good.


But I can’t say I enjoyed it.


And so I looked at my old old phone and went to my cosy bed.

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