Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I can’t remember Whether I Said Thankyou


Here we are at the end of the journey The KLF book instructed “us” to read. In its wonderment of the story of Dag, Andy and Claire. A journey of unreliable answers to the unreliable questions.


For this is the last page, if you don’t count the last pages. This is where we have been and travelled. The sun is your enemy, Our parents had more. Quit Recycling the past.  am not your target market. Quit your job. Dead at 30 buried at 70. It can’t last. Shopping is not creating. Re con struct, enter hyperspace. December 31 1999, New Zealand got nuked, too monster exist. Don’t eat yourself, eat your parents. Purchased experiences don’t count. Remember earth clearly, change colour. Whhy am I poor? Celebrities die, I am not jealous. Leave your body, grow flowers, define normal. MTV not bullets, trans form. Welcome home from Vietnam, son. Adventure without risk is Disneyland. Plastics never disintegrate, await lightning, Jan 01 2000.


This is a book where you can only take the journey once. As ever never judge a book by its cover, now matter how bright. The answer is in here somewhere but can you spot it?

I can’t remember whether I said Thankyou.

Tracey 36, Helen 52, Generation X 166.

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