Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Feed The Birds


I get up and to my own amazement I


get on with that front room, and at a pace. I make a mess, but a good job of the wall. Some time passes by to Definitely Maybe.


Sometime later the thing ~I’ve been waiting for comes. And not just the first one, no the second one I also ordered a week later turned up at the same time, Great eh? So this is it then


I take my original Nano sim and turn to into a micro sim, Yes I’ve finally made it bigger. I insert it into the Nexus five and


we are up and running, finally, at last, here we go. And of all the people to contact me using it??? It was Matthew Bachelor! Perhaps though he didn’t know this numbers been out of action for a what seems like a month. So back to my original phone number.


I feed the birds and leave them a tub of water. Which I’m sure that ginger cat is pleased about. Well at least he is alive still. I head into “town” now know as Cannock and get a double load of veg as I’m trying to have salads at dinner time again. A lack of exercise and double portions means I’m piling on the pounds once more.


After hauling the heavy load back home, I climb into the car and go to the butchers in Hednesford and then the Aldi next door. Of course that means I but stuff I probably didn’t want, nope I did buy stuff that I didn't even know I wanted. But now i have got it.


I fill the fridge, Play GTAV with Ozy and my brother and then watch Taken 3, it’s not that good, it’s not.

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