Friday, January 30, 2015

I have worked it out

Well if you see this I have worked it out. And if you don't, I haven't. If course doing it this way means Google has my photos stored, instead of me at Flickr. But which is worse? After all, Google knows me through and through, after all, they love my blog and they would love to use it to advertise with. Of course whilst I am here, I am not, although they will know I posted this from, exactly where I am. I can't say I like the cloud. I can't say I trust the cloud. Have you ever seen a cloud that eventually doesn't reign and then disappear, vanish, as if it was never there in the first place? Of course flicker is a cloud, but then I know yahoo are certainly to be expected to rain, more likely to than most clouds. Yes, a different kind of rain. Here it has snowed, and apart from the subway only I use, and therefor guess they are art decorating especially for me, it has been a slippery journey for me this morning to the place I am. If anything would it be a wonderfully wicked surprise if it was tiled with a million tiles of all my photos from Flickr. After all I'm nearly there, yes at the big number. But if I use Google for my bog pictures, I may not ever get there. Now where is that London Midland Train, my feet are getting cold.

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