Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Immersed in Magnolia


I get up and make some sandwiches with the hoard of bread  got form Morrison's last night. I make my way to the train and enjoy the ride. Once at Walsall I head up the ramp to the shopping area, and whilst yesterday I got a pass for the month, today I’m heading into Marks and Spencer to see what is on offer for dinner time offerings and if it is a possibility?


further up the line, and further into the book I’m enjoy Generation X more and can see its relationship with the KLF book. And now I want more more more again. The working day ends up too short and before you know it I’m back home.


I give the fireplace wall a second coat and then prep the adjacent area for some painting to.


It is however more troublesome and sanding isn’t the sole answer. This wall needs skimming. I get out the polycell smooth over and start scratching my head. I put some on but I’m sure the stuff, the stuff my dad gave me, has actually gone off. It’s incredibly thick. I preserver for a while but end up stopping. The side wall bit is done okay with an extra thick coating of paint. It is late enough now though and decide to end for a bit. I imagine it will look like this for some time.


I make myself some tea and then look at the meters. We have stacks of electricity still but only £3 of gas. I think we will make it though the night but only just and with that I head to bed for an early night and just lie there in the warmth and comfort under the duvet.

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