Saturday, January 03, 2015



I get up and have a full breakfast again, this has got to stop. I put on the vinyl Introspective by the Pet Shop Boys, and ponder what to do for the day. I’m not enthusiastic about anything today. I want to be, I don’t want to waste this precious free time that's coming to an end, but i can already see the outcome. More to the point I could do with some interaction with someone. I put my coat on and head into the town, I go and get some tile transfers to try to finish off the bathroom. I go to the pound shop, Wilko’s, Game, Trade to Play and a couple of charity shops. And then I head back.


Once back I do the transfers and then find out I need another two. Hold on I’ve put one of them in the wrong place so I need three again, Do some plastering on the upstairs fire place. And then take the Christmas tree down and remove the 60 odd snowflakes from the window.


I wobbling around this tin can pondering, pondering, pondering, I don’t want to playstation, and I’m not ready for a film, so I


put on the Wonderstuff DVD that Alan and Zoe have got me. And there’s something new and inspirational on here, Not the Wonderstuff, not the actual film itself, but what it contains and what I didn’t know. Something new, something sensational.


The violinist Erica Nockalls. Now that is impressive. That sounds good. That I like more than the Wonderstuff. The DVD came to an end, I put on some of their CD’s. Will the neighbours like The Wonderstuff?


Well I didn’t go round and ask them no matter how much I wanted to see another human being. Instead I flick the box to UTubeOnFire and try another film.


This ones about Apes. This ones about talking apes, I consider I might be going mad, I consider it and then go to bed, but not my normal bed.

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