Thursday, January 08, 2015

It could be easier surely?


At 11:40am I call my parents on their home phone number. Nobody should answer but they do?? I ask them have you forgotten something? “No we are just leaving now”. It occurs to me that they don’t get from A to B that quickly and the engineer could be there at 12pm. I don’t hear anything until 2:30pm when my parents call to say the electrical engineer has come and is changing the meter but they have only just noticed the gas engineer came at bang on 12 and left I card they have seen on the floor. I begin to give up on life, it could be easier surely if I was dead. Hell I had to pay £120 to arrange these meters to be changed!


I call Npower after a long winded conversation with my dad, I’m on hold for some further twenty minutes before I get chance to talk to someone about missing the gas engineer. They try to contact him whilst I’m on the phone but can’t get through and tell me that they will try and have them return before 6pm. However they can’t guarantee this as they haven't spoken to him yet. If he doesn’t turn up just recall to book another day. Much better than what I expect “you were stupid enough not to be in tuff tittie.” The elctric meter is nice and small now and the gas meter


well he turned up and did it the same day, its no smaller. Neither are smart meters in fact the gas one is pre historic I think. At least we can be warm without having to go down the shop every other week.


Yep that's right I can now go into debt without even realising it.


It wasn’t the only thing that came today, my replacement blue Trespass coat came. Its not exactly the same but it’ll do nicely, I like it.


I sit down and ponder what to do next. I could plaster, or I could make tea, or I could go swimming.


Nope I just put my feet up.

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