Friday, January 09, 2015

Just when your on top of things


The last couple of days I’ve been using my Burton Snowboarding jacket to go to work in. The bright red one that is going a bit pink after all these years so I don’t use it for snowboarding anymore. It’s great for walking in, as you don’t get to hot or cold, and is very waterproof. I get the train as usual and I’m enjoying the Generation X now, well more than I was. I’ve no idea where the story is going, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, they are just sitting around the dessert? Instead of going to the house of God for dinner as planned with Matt, we got to KFC at star City. It is nice, we talk and I enjoy his company outside of the office as much as inside. But we need to be back by two without fail I tell him, hence going to the closer KFC. We could now go to the reopen canteen, but its not cheap anymore so there’s no real point, in fact I’ve magically made sandwiches all week! Friday at work is an odd and hard day. At the end of it I’m relieved, not to go home, but what has occurred during the day. Nothings changed, but there is no some awareness of what's going on. The day ends and I head off to get the train home. That's not a problem. I read my book and then get off at the connecting station. Things suddenly go down hill.


I enter the waiting hut and sit down, Open my book and feeling my phone slip from my coat pocket. It slips out, onto the bench and further to the ground, face first, their is a smash sound, not the pleasant kind, not the kind you want to hear. Now I’ve dropped my phones including this one a multitude of times, but this time I knew already before I’d picked it up it was the end. I picked it up and pulled a grimace of a face. I know that the Moto X wasn’t my favourite phone, but only due to the lack of memory it had and no card slot. Everything else about it, is great. There was no display, the screen cracked all over, such a small fall, such a big smash, so much damage. I considered the options and got on with reading about the life in the dessert.


When I get home I resort to powering up my Motorola Razr I. She still works, and my she still has over 2000 photos on her. I get installing the apps, but there was one thing I forgot. The Moto X take a micro sim, and the Morotola Razi a mini. pants, pants, pants. Just when I thought I was on top of things.

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