Saturday, January 10, 2015

Now That's Random

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I get up, my mom is coming round for 9:30am to go shopping. I get up at 9:36am. there is no sign of them, I have a shower, then I vacuum the downstairs, then I wash the kitchen floor, then I wash the bathroom floor, hang the washing out, then vacuum my Skoda, then I start to look at what's wrong with front fog lamps on my Skoda. At which point I call the parents. Oh they are just coming, no they hadn’t forgotten!, The good news is that I find what's wrong with fog lights that keeps instantly blowing the fuse. Luckily it is a problem with one of the bulbs. The wire inside the bulb is shorting, and even luckier I find I have a spare, I put the engine bay back together and the hidden fuse box, and say hello to my mom, who is now cleaning my seaties.


Oddly it is now dinner time so I drive her up the road to her favourite place the Barns.


It is very very quiet in here. So peaceful and nice. We sit down relax and order.


I don’t want too much, the KFC from yesterday has kept me filled up.


So I have a baguette with bacon brie and cranberry and a cup of tea. Nice isn't the right word for it but it was.


We go to the butchers next to the carpet shop, I get some bacon, some black pudding and a load of stuff for my mom. We then head into Cannock centre, Where I get my veg and salad from Jessica’s, have a look around some shops and then head to my brothers.


As usual there was nowhere to sit, and if he had offered me a cup of tea, there would have been no milk to have had with it. We went to Asda, I got a nice bathroom matt, and some milk shake powder, and some detel.


Back at home I open my record player, remove the vinyl from the the sleeve and wonder what my ears are going to be subject to, The KLF and the Pet Shop Boys. Now that's Random.


Perhasp though what is more random is the fact that you can delete the photos off the memory card in my Motorola Razor I and they come back. You can format the card, and they come back. You can remove the card and put it on a PC and delete the photos, and they come back! I give up, and put on a love film called the Contact, was it good? It was Okay, Was it bad? It was Okay. Would I watch it again? No.

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