Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Day Maybe


I wake up promising to get on with that decorating. Though that is after an hour of play with GTAV.


And I do.


The second coat of paint goes on and then the last wall gets a skim.


Mean time I start to tidy up the other end of the room.


There is dust everywhere. And now while I wait for the smoothright to go off


I decide to have some dinner, which consisted of prime bacon, and chilli cheese sandwihces. Wow to the chilli cheese it was bang up wicked wild mouth blowing.


Back upstairs the Dyson was do a fine job of keeping the dust at bay, which is more than can be said for its floor cleaning abilities. I sand down the wall but it hasn’t gone off enough and I end up having to replaster it again. I will have to wait a day.


Now just look at this mess.


I look at the wall and I’m disappointed with myself. I so wanted to get it finished today.


But time has moved, maybe one day it will be done, maybe one day this week?

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