Monday, January 26, 2015

Pot Plants


Life is always brightened by London Midland trains. As I approach the station from a distance a train pulls into the station. I panic, hell I must have walked very slowly this morning, and look at my watch, I’m to far away to run, so I don’t and then notice the time on my watch. Nope I wasn’t late, if anything I was very early, and in fact the train was early, or very late. As me and another man walk to the platform the train leaves just, without us! I ponder why? Surely it should have not left until 7:55. I look at the board, nope the 7:55 train hasn’t come yet, so it must have been very late. I walk to my waiting place on the platform and wait. The platform fills up, the train is still on time, the time comes for the train to appear, people wait eagerly, the time comes for the train to leave, the board still says its on time, but no train. the clock ticks on, the board doesn’t update to say its going to be late. The train doesn’t come, the board doesn’t update. The train is late, the board doesn’t update. It doesn’t admit anything, then it vanishes, off the board. There’s a lot of muttering, a lot of looking at phones, and me thinking I’ve got to go back for my car.


As it happens that train that disappeared off the board, appeared in real life, no warning, no announcements no “we are so so so sorry”, so I guess on this occasion they were not!


One of the sales personnel has brought me a plant from their garden, they promised they would. At dinner time we went down to their car and took it out and then left it at the end of my desk. As people walked past I was asked on many occasions, is that really what I think it is? Is that a pot plant? This actually got a few conversations going. As it happens its not a pot plant but black bamboo.


And whilst it may not look immediately black, I can confirm that in real life, the steams are black.


Sometime later I was at home, no relation to the the bamboo plant, that is still at work until I take the car in one day. I open the Mexicana extra hot cheese. Now this cheese is mind blowingly good, I mean so good you don’t need pot.


In fact I ate the lot!

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