Sunday, January 04, 2015

Take Them Down


I awake to a new view. Well to me anyway, as last night I decided to try out sleeping in the front room.


The black out curtains were doing a good job. I considered that I could now sleep in a different room in a 3 room rotation. I could but why would I? The noise of the road outside hadn't disturbed me and the mattress was really nice to sleep on. Then again it should be and can see why my brother likes sleeping over here now. I ponder what to do with my self. I head over to the internet and have a look around. I finally pick up some cloths and head down to the bathroom and have a wash and to start breakfast. For a change I have bacon, again. And the bacon isn’t as impressive as the bacon I had from the wholesalers the other day. I watch it shrink! I put the last of the black pudding under the grill to. As of tomorrow I say I will eat good again. Leaving the bathroom I decide to head outdoors if I can find the prison sell key. I leave Grand Tourismo doing a long long update and disappear down the road.


I head into town and towards Wilko. Whilst it was horrible earlier it is now beatiful. I wish I’d got in my car and gone for a walk in the hills of the Peak District somewhere. I only need two things, tile transfers and a sliced loaf.


By the time I am back I have only achieved one of those things and spend the next hour putting the last ones on. Whilst they are easy to apply they are also hard. It seem to average out that for every one that is put on right, you destroy one.


And whilst you haven't got the full picture here the end result is nice. It breaks up the endless glacier white tiles, and adds a dash of colour where it is needed.


And whilst I’m in the mood I get out the sander once more, but this time along with the vacuum cleaner. I connect them both and then consider how awkward this arrangement is. It is however zero dusty. I sand the area down and then


I replaster some more, slowly but surely building it up. Now I have to leave it to get hard again.


I decide its time to take the Christmas cards down, its been a nice Christmas with so many for my first Christmas in my own place. And as I take them down, there some I decide not to take down just yet. I place them on the fire, settle in my sofa and play on my Playstation 3.

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