Friday, January 23, 2015

The World Spins Regardless


After the excitement of last weekend, not a lot has happened this week. the fact is what happened last weekend shouldn’t have happened, it just did because last weekend the opportunity was to react to, because well I was bored. I shouldn’t have done it because I was meant to be staying in and getting that front bedroom done.


As it happens I did work on it, not one but two nights. And I managed to do a fair bit of work on the walls. They are not perfect to they will do for now.


Eventually I had to stop because I broke the sanding head ad needed a new one. A tenner on Ebay, but will it fit when it comes? Whilst I’m getting cleaned up, the door bell goes. How odd. Then again, then someone taps at the window. I was trying to ignore it, as right at this minute I’d taken my paint ridden trousers off and was wandering around half naked, but to hell with it, I go to the door and answer it. Its the old lady from next door in my back garden, she is worried about her ginger cat she hasn’t seen all day. I tell her I’ll just put some clothes on and will come and help her look for it, and so we do.


Now I’ve seen that cat many times in my back garden. This one note is ginger, but we don’t find him, we even have a look in the garage. And then the subject changes. The story line of Generation A is moving forward in five different but the same directions. And oddly its all to do with being stung by bees, bees that are extinct! So that would appear to be odd, you know if they are extinct. But that is what it is about, well that and the A.


Its keeping me entertained on the train, apart from Thursday which I have an early morning start, so take the car and head off into the country down south somewhere I can’t say again. Oddly although they know we are coming, we are not on the computer so they won’t let us in. They know who I am though, I have a pass there on their desk waiting for me, they just can’t give it to me. I get it sorted eventually and the others look at their passes. You are kidding us aren't you? It says on here we must be escorted at all times, and by Mr Pink. Yes that is correct? Of course we aren't escorted by Mr Pink ,so I’m not sure how this system truly works, but something's are best not to question, the world spins regardless. Afterall I know who Mr Pink is.


Its a hard week at work and by Friday lunch time my brain is hurting, hurting because there is so much to do. One ponders if it will ever get done. I’m glad when its home time, I wan to rest, I want to relax, and once home I ponder what I should do, to do nothing. I flick through my DVD’s and realise that I want to listen to some music, some of my favourite type of music, I put on some Depeche Mode and consider….


if the neighbours like it in surround sound as much as me. I watch the Big Bang and then Cucumber and after that? I play some GTA V with Zoe and George and the clock ticks by wildly, then go to bed. That was real fun I consider in my head, and then bam lights out.

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