Sunday, January 11, 2015

Twiddling my thumbs


This morning it feels like I’m twiddling my thumbs, normally this drives me mad but today it didn’t. Eventually  I went to Aldi and then to B&Q to get some smoothover. I’m going to need an awful lot of this stuff and at £25 for 2.5 litres I’m going to need a night job too. When I get back I decide to do the central locking issue on my MX5. I remove the door car and get to the ancient central locking system I put in many many years ago. And its older than that as this is the central locking system out of my old Astra from 1991! So not surprisingly the solenoids are tired so that is what I’m going to replace.


I remove the old unit and as if by magic,


the new one is in and working, I do the other side and believe it is all working. I’m wrong though. It isn’t working right, it needs some adjustment. I’m cold though, my fingers are cold, Hold on I can’t feel them so I don’t actually know if its because they are cold.

IMG_20150111_154250_178 I move indoors, order my Secret Garden Party Ticket and book Tenby camping and then open my smoothover pot.


It's easy to use, but lets face it, I’m rubbish at this plastering lark. And there’s more faults here then the eye can see. I give the area a coat over and prey. Before you know it, it is dark.

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