Friday, January 30, 2015

Who Hid The Deloren in The Shed?


I get home from work and think to myself that bedroom 2 needs to re-arranged again. I spend some time doing this, and by the end of it, I like it the most the way it is, now re-arranged.


I go downstairs not feeling hungry still, since my KFC dinner I’d had.


I looked at my love film disc that had come and decided to put in, A million Ways To Die In The West. A tongue in cheek film that was brilliantly entertaining, even to the point of who hid the Deloren in the shed. I mean why, just why was that scene in the film.


If your into sheep, shot guns, death by oddity and sheep, then this film is for you. If your not into sheep, then I guess the film my suck as its about a sheep farmer. Of course it has a happy ending, which all adds to the oddity of the film itself.


I was going to go to bed early to ensure I got up early. But as it happens I haven't. I need to do all the things I need to do and then finish that front room off. I sleep with that thought in my head.

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