Friday, January 16, 2015

Wishful Thinking


I get up and have breakfast, as its Friday I don’t need to make my sandwiches for dinner time. And so head out into the cold for the train. I arrive early and when I get there I decide to sit at the back of the train instead of the front. This was of course wishful thinking.


The train is cancelled and I consider being later. The next train is in 30 mintues but will miss my connecting train, which will be at 9am so I will be late, or I can walk back to my house, a twenty minute wal and get the car, and pray the M6 will be empty (ish). I walk back there is a chance I will make it on time, a small, slight, minimal chance.


As miracles happen I made it to work on time. And as I have my car at work, I take my turn in taking us out at dinner time. We go to Gods cafe in Erdington.


And once more we have music to enjoy whilst we enjoy dinner.


Sometime later that night I go round the Greenies


After Tegan has watched the Simpsons and after I have had triple egg and chips and


we have had cheese cake


We get the Camel Cup game out.


I explain the game and the action starts.


First round like I explained is confusing, but everyone soon picks up the randomness very very quickly.


The fun lasts all night, everyone thinks they are going to win, but who will?


Its not quiet as obvious as you’d think. But it wasn’t me, but then sometimes the children of the group should win shouldn't they?


When I get home I look at phone. There is an important post, an opportunity, a possibility, but it is 00:30. I have quick look at the map. erm I close my eyes, perhaps if I wake up naturally early I might, I might.

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