Sunday, February 15, 2015

But I Persevered


I get up and do a healthy fry up, using oil to fry. The sausages and bacon I do under the cremation grill. In the deep fat I do the tomatoes, eggs and black pudding.


And it all works out delicious, what a way to start the day.


I have a quick play with Franklyne and then head into the Retro Game Room and move the furniture around. I put some smooth over on the first wall with the new tool and roller, and within twenty minutes, I’ve applied £25 pounds of the contents of the tub. I scratch my head somewhat. I could see this wall was bad as I was putting it on but using it all? I decide to find my metal scraper that I was using previously. I pull it over the wall, producing a quick and even surface, yes this is better, and end up scraping 2/3rd’s of the smoothright back off. Now thats more like it, and you could see it had worked. I left the plaster to go off and headed to


Homebase. I used them nectar points and arranged delivery of the flat pack items. Ooch is what it felt when I took my wallet out.


Once home I was happy, happy because I came home with something purple too. A pretent Lava lamp they were selling at half price, and with 15% discount making it £8.


So unexpectedly it has a energy class D!  What a surprise.


And the build quality is £8 worth. I thought for a second the bulb wasn’t going to screw in. But I persevered.


I set it up in the purple room and switched it on.


Then gave the wall I was working on a second coat. And then…


I went into the garden, planted the black bamboo, planted some plants, dug the rest of the border so my mom can do some more planting on a warm day and then planted my new pear tree. Yep one day I’ll have my own pears. I just need to keep the tree at a manageable height.


I go and check on the lava lamp its looking good.


I smile and watch it closely, before heading around my parent.


I take the MX5 and whilst there give it a wash. I so enjoy my car, but one day I know at 20 years old it will be no more…..

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