Friday, February 13, 2015

Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu


Its raining. It doesn’t rain on many days. But when it does, they are the worst days. Who makes train platforms without roofs anyway? Who? Tight bum. Bet there not waiting on a train platform getting wet?


apart from that I sit and enjoy the train travel today. I don’t read, I just travel taking it in, whatever it is I’m taking in and enjoying so much.


Some of it is watching the ever changing scenery, some of it is enjoying the gardens of others. I wish I never had to get off.


But here we do, the end of the line, well for me. And so I wander off to my desk, I can hear it calling me, I can hear the phone ringing already, along with my brain.


When I get home I have parcels, a few of them, how exciting. A lead for the megadrive I’ve had, so I can connect it up to a TV and a mega drive to master system converter., and a Japanese cartridge converter, and they have even thrown in a game.


I play it for a while in the retro game room, when I look at the walls guiltily, These need doing. I should do these. And then I go downstairs and play with Zoe and Alan on GTA V.

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