Friday, February 27, 2015

Don’t Do It!


I get up and wow it looks such a nice day,


and today is mufti day so I can wear what I want.


For some reason I want toast ad so I have toast and then I walk off to the station. I decide to call Les, which at the time I have no idea was going to be such a good idea, because he sounded in a mess about something. So not only did I walk to the station with him in my ear, I waited for the train with him in my ear, I got on the train with him in my ear, I sat and listened to him until Walsall until I got off.


I got my new train pass and then got back on my second train.


I called Les back and we continued the conversation for some more time the telephone line cutting out as we pasted black spots. I noticed however the ceiling of the this train had also been cleaned. By Perry Barr Les had calmed down and I I said I’d call him back at dinner time, which I duly did and he had calmed down about the matter, and would come round latter tonight for a natter and relax.


When I got home myself I decided I’d spend my initial Friday evening on the phone to NPower. I got to speak to a nice lady for a period of time about my electricity meter and trying to start paying monthly. I’ve even given them the details they need to log it into their computer system but still they can’t do it. I ponders if this will ever happen. This girl even said odd both meters got changed on the same day yet we have only updated the details of the gas one. Although it can take upto 3 months. I upped my gas payment as they’re calculation is totally bogus of £22 a month. As again I’ve used £100 of gas this month like last. So if you did a lazy calculation of £100*12/2/12 = £50 a month that would be more like it. But £22?. So I changed that to sixty a month. And I got a estimate from them of my electricity bill so far on the meter that's no registered, I’ve used since January £55 pounds of electricity. Should I believe them though?


I move on to installing my TP link network though the mains.


So down stairs we now have a Ethernet port and a wireless adaptor.


With flashy lights. And it seems to work.


And upstairs for my PC a dedicated Ethernet port. Which is so much better then the wireless I was using with it.


Les comes round, we drink tea, and enjoy each others company. We discuss Sky and then I know of something we can do.


I get the Sega Mega Drive I’ve had out.


And start retro gaming.


As it happens Les like Sonic the Hedgehog. And didn’t seem to know that if you go to the PS3 store it is available.


I also get out the Master System Adaptor!


Oh dear, dear, dear. And if you think this is bad you should see Thunderblade!


Eventually we pack up and Les heads home leaving me alone with something. Something I didn’t know I had but was soon to find out I did.

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