Sunday, February 01, 2015

Enjoy the view of the Dyson


I get up, have a shower and put some breakfast on.


I play with Franklyn for a while, sitting their next to me black bamboo. Then me and my brother go for a walk into town. About the only shops open were the pound shops and Game. I extend the walk to Aldi and return with something I never went in for, a set of three plastic boxes that will slide under my beds. Some extra storage at last.


Back at home I arrange the furniture I brought, this first involves removing the server network items, followed by the books and book case. Then in slips the TV stand and smaller book case. It fits perfectly and I fill the shelves up with retro games.


I sit and enjoy the view of the Dyson. Its a nice little room now to sit in. I look at the plaster though and scowl.


I fit the Ikea book case in the front bedroom and refill the books. It doesn’t look too out of place.


And as it is now the end of the month I really could do with getting the data and pictures off my old phone. Its charged and working, I know it woke me up this morning with its alarm going off to what i had set it to. And there’s no way to turn it off! Could I get it to talk to my laptop? could eck!


I watched cucumber in the Retro Games Room and then headed off to bed, I’m enjoying the series, crazy random world.

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