Monday, February 23, 2015

The Expected & Unexpected Delivery


I get home and open the door. Yay the delivery has come, the flat pack delivery and what is that?


We seem to have had another delivery to. Interesting pattern. Interesting.


And in the rear hallway there is more carpet, another pattern, another interesting pattern.


I go on my PC and set up doing my photos from the weekend. OHHHHH I’ve gone past the jackpot.


And with that I’m not going to take anymore photos, I’ve got to 100,000 and that's enough. My dad calls and says that I might have noticed some carpet, that may not be to my taste but is better than what I have got. That I can agree on. He will come and help me with the wardrobe tomorrow night.


Well I look at the wardrobe boxes and must say that i think 39Kg is too much for a single package. I think that's illegal even if it says lift with two people minimum. I get two of the three boxes up myself. The third is just to heavy. I leave it and open the boxes to see if I can at least put the draws together.


That done, I’ve had enough, I go to bed.

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