Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From Here On It Can All Go Wrong.


Having not read any of my book yesterday, today I’m well in the mood, and head straight into the sailing world once more. And before you know it.


I’m home, and looking at setting up that wardrobe build. My dads obviously got something more important to do afterall and decide to just get on with it. I get my trusted drill out and set about working out how much room I need to build it. We could be struggling here. From here on it all can go wrong.


Sometime later I reach this point. And hammer the back panels on, no doubt to the neighbours delight. There’s no not finishing now if I want to use that bed later. But what's that?


Standup – 2 people required.


A deep breath, legs in the right position, brace, brace, brace.


We have an erection!


A while later the doors are on and it looking like this.


A perfect fit. I should remember to check the dimensions next time I buy something.


And with that I climb into bed, tired and happy.

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