Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Close My Eyes And Rub My Hands All Over It


This morning is dry, yipee, and the sky clear. It is fresh it is nice.


And at the station the sun is out, and I’d like to say warming the cheeks of my face, but that would be lying.


Today I’m in the mood to read my book, rather than the metro and so I get it out. And once out I don’t want to out it down. in fact I’ve done the usual of finally embraced the way it is written and have evoked my mind into ‘their’ world. The adventure begins then, here at Standard Life so to speak.


Off the train and onward to the desk.


Time comes and I go on Ebay. I don’t need to but I do.


Salad again so yummy. And whilst I eat my salad, I


laugh at the sounds of Jasper Carrot on my phone, and all because Deadmanjones want to make me happy.


However these have either not downloaded right, or not the full recordings. Just as you get into each sketch, the rug is pulled away from you. However it has left me with a smile, a smile I do not want to lose.


As things go I get home early enough to do some plaster work. I get the two hovers going, and the sander.


Then I close my eyes and rub my hands all over it, the wall feels smooth in places, that's better but its not good enough in others. I give it another skim and go and find the paint.


Now I thought I had a can of red paint. But I don’t, I have port, which while here it doesn’t look like it, in real life it looks like purple.


Or red. Anyway, I’m hungry so I call it a day.


There’s deffinetly too much white powder in my life and it looks like I’m going to need a shower, come bath before I have tea.


I sit there in my tub with my phone listening to Erica Niklas and view my eBay wins. I have won an Alien isolation game, the first one I have bidded on great.


Now i need to hope I don’t win any of these others I have also bided on!


I have my tea, it consists of frozen pizza without any additions by myself for a change or fries on top and put on the PS3 to watch the Escape Plan. I’d like to say it has a twist at the end, I’d like to tell you how it ended, but I can’t, I turned it off and went to sleep in that front bedroom.

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