Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If I’m Lucky


As I leave home I look across the road, there it is the pub, today I understand is its last day, and when I say that I mean from today it will be closed. I ponder that if I’m lucky, that by the time I get home it will be a Sainsbury's Local, or whatever happens to it, it could be a lot worse. One thing I know, it won’t be a Tesco Local, there’s one already around the corner.


Before leaving the house I had to decide what was going to be my travelling companion. I wanted something off the KLF road for now, something different, some more light hearted, something with heart, and so I picked up a book Alan and Zoe got me some time ago. Now hidden message in this one, in fact no message off them in the inlay either.


I read the back before the front and settle down for the first few chapters.


At Walsall I change trains and with it my reading material.


I relax and let the train take the strain before I do at my desk.


Later back on the train taking the strain I return to the new adventure, it gets me thinking, why not, it would be fun, but not alone, you’d need someone to drown with you.


As I walk past the pub, there is life, someone is in there, in fact there is a crowd of heads. The demolishing crew perhaps?


And Google announces once more I’ve been a good boy.


With not a lot happening, I decide to do even less, I light some candles, turn the light off and have a very steamy bath. Ahhhh

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