Sunday, February 08, 2015

Knicker Block Her Glory


I wake up, it is quiet. Not a sound. Nothing. I thought I was going swimming with them this morning. Bright and earlier, because, you know, I hadn’t had enough exercise yesterday. I was even mad enough to bring my skin tight trunks and goggles. Yes me dedicated to the cause. I pick my phone up, I’ve received a text, at 3:39 am, oh! “Not well not going swimming I’ve been up all night – gone shopping with the kids” I ponder is this good news or not. The swimming would have stopped me aching, and B how am I going to get a cup of tea in bed now then?


Luckily I still have some chocolate bars with me from yesterdays walk, so there’s no mad dash to having to get up. So I stay put!


Well for a while. I’m awake now and I need a wee. So I get up and wash and


head downstairs from the yacht room.


There is no one her, I’ve been abandoned! By the kettle is a mug with a tea bag in it and some water in the kettle. I stoke her up and wait.


Maddy appears from nowhere, apparently she is having a lie in as Matt has kept her awake all night with his coughing. Now I get why he insisted on a curry. I admire the drawings on the wall and


look into the garden for the squirrels.


Eventually Matt brings the flock back, I think he is surprised to see me up. I get playing with the girls and Matt says he is going to prepare us a lamb Sunday dinner. I dare not tell him I don’t like lamb. well not a lot. Perhaps he can prepare it properly and change my mind?


We get out the Frozen magic book, complete with magic wand. And things get very very excitable whilst I read the story out.


now for those of you who don’t know this magic wand makes sounds, and if you read the instructions properly the sounds change throughout the story. If you don’t read the instructions properly, they don't. and so the story took a whole new dimension.


dinner is served and we have a nice lamb dinner. I don’t even cover it in mint sauce, for I taste the flavour, the gravy, oh yum.


and then it is back to play time again.


the adorable children even learn to take photos


Although the best ones were by me, giggle. As a suprise Matt sugests we go for a walk to the


new ice cream parlour, and with that I was out of the door faster than the children.


and already looking into the counter.


The children went to softplay, Nack went to softplay.


Nack came back from softplay.


The ice creams were served and everyone asked where is Nacks ice cream?


I was told there would be a wait whilst they cut up the exotic fruit.


And whilst I waited I had a cup of tea, I pondered will it be worth the wait?


Meantime I had a softplay ice-cream.


Oh yum.


But then it was served, a work of art, a deliciously served dessert, pudding that was going to be so scrumptiouce, But why two spoons?????


Ah this took me all the way back to Tenby. I did go home eventually, I did go to my parents eventually, I did put there Christmas decorations in the loft eventually, I did watch top gear eventually and I did eventually go to bed. My body was humming once more, I love that feeling ;)

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