Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Love Rosie


I get up open the curtains and admire those wardrobes. Just how sad have I become. Don’t get me wrong to get them up in an evening is good. But I can’t draw myself away now I can see them clearly. I’m sure I’ll get over them soon enough.


I catch the train, await at the usual end of the platform, next to where the door I usually get on the train opens and get on as usual. My usual seat through is gone, and the rest of the seats i this end of the carriage. I walk closer to the front and get a table seat. Usually this end of the carriage is packed what is going on? When I get to Walsall it is light and warm outside so I decide not to go into the waiting room as usual. Instead I sit at the farthest end of the platform to the waiting room and read away the time.


When the train does come I notice that we have a train for once that is not only cleaned at floor level, But someone has looked up and cleaned the cleaning as well! How pleasant.


At home I admire the wardrobe once more, fill it fully of cloths and then settle down for the night. I’ve worked hard so I’m having a relaxing evening doing nothing.


I turn on the screen and the PS4 and start up YouTube On Fire to see what is on offer. First up is Fifty Shade Of Grey, which I try but won’t play, the next on the list to catch my eye is Love Rosie, a romantic slushy film and something I’m completely in the mood for. It fires up and I get comfy.


And as for slushy


and romantic


it sure is.


And if that's not what you want


avoid it at all costs! Me, I enjoyed it, and my evening of the sofa watching the screen. Eventually though I went and rejoined that wardrobe upstairs and went to sleep happy.

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