Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Scents


The New Year is here for the Chinese and its the year of sheep. However I think this is a RAM. Now doubt though, the KLF would want to burn it. Randomly the background is yellow, yellow of the KLF book and the money on the picture,what is all that about. I conclude nothing and find it hard to burn the picture as its digital, it was digitally sent to me and the only way to burn it would be to press delete. Instead I upload it to Flickr for ever more.


Dinner time comes and I return to my desk. Today is ISO day and I’m expecting to be visited. They have however seemed to have picked on someone else. This is a good thing, I think to myself, but the other person is not thinking the same thing. At least it means I can get on with my endless work.


My dinner is delicious and my search on eBay for some K2 Cinches at a bargain price goes on and on.


When I get home I am tired, so very very very tired. I need to pack but I don’t I rest, that is until my parents pop by. When my mom see’s how tired I am she says she’ll cook my tea, and I happily agree. “What would you like then son?” “Erm I fancy eggy bread with cut it yourself loaf." And it was. They left and with that I opened up my parcels, the first one a TP link to put the internet through the house, through those thick walls.


And also Alien Isolation, a game that I’ve been looking forward to, hoping is as good as they say and waiting to get it at a price I can now afford. At last a game for my PS4. I play it for 30 minutes before putting it away and


packing to go and see Alan and Zoe. I jst hope Alan doesn’t punch me for buying his girlfriend some perfume….

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