Sunday, February 22, 2015

Randomly Now Is Christmas


I get up on Sunday ready for an outing to a castle or something we are going to. I open the curtains and look outside. Erm its miserable and


snowing! This doesn’t look like its going to be much fun. Zoe pops her head in my room and tells me there’s a change of plan, its too miserable and cold outside. Great me thinks and gets showered up.


So the plan changes, from going out to staying in, but by staying in we are going out, to get Roise, and I can come for a ride in her new car. Yep yep yep. And in we climb and shoot off across town.


We come back, George is in the house, and I’m off quickly to get some cake from the shops, whilst the table is being set up to play. We are going to play Trajan, the game I got them for Christmas and apparently they tell us, although it looks complicated it isn’t and its really good.


By the time Zoe has finished exampling it it seems complicated. She is right though, once we start playing it, it isn’t. Alan suggests that what she really needs right now is her selfie stick.


And with the aid of the selfie stick, as can be seen here, is Alan's excellent example of keeping an eye on the game whilst trying to fix some tech. And I do say trying! Mean while I’ve lost control of my spine!


The game ends we all enjoy it, but who has won, and will I ever recover?


The selfie stick has the answer – it was George!


We pack that away and I get out the game I had for Christmas


and depending on what you want to call it, Camel Cup, Camel Up or as Zoe in particular called it Camel Toe.


I run through the instructions and they all look as lost as I do. Is that it? Am I sure that’s it? and so we get on with it.


Alan has a sneaking feeling he’s won this? Has he though?


Wow they were low scores all round? And yeah Alan won.


We stop for dinner that Alan made so beautifully, and once we were all noshed up next was a game these had all played but had never got out when I had been round in the past, and so wanted to play with the chu chu set. And out came Ticket To Ride to please me.


Now how hard can this simple game be? And so we started playing, and playing and playing.


The game board filled.


and filled until


it could fill no more and


it was over, someone had definitely made the longest train route.


But who? And who had the biggest score?


Maverick player George Divine did that's who! Hold on I might have had the longest train run.


And with that it is time to pack up the games, the bags and get ready to head off. First though I need to leave something behind. I always leave something behind.


So I leave it behind Alan's PS3.


I stack the bags and go and get the car, load the car, say goodbye to everyone and then load me and Rosie in. I drop her off home and then head south down my favourite bit of tarmac.


By the time I get home my telephone is suggesting that I should check it more often.


And somewhere on there, is a comment that Alan is listening to his Christmas present finally. One can only ponder if he truly likes it. One things for sure, unless he moves house he’ll never loose it. The KLF Randomly Now Is Christmas and today was as lovely as Christmas afterall it even snowed..

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