Thursday, February 05, 2015

Relax You Don't Need To Do Anything


There is so much excitement in the world right now. Well in the world there may be, but that I wouldn't;t know about, but here there really isn’t that much going on. I get ready to go to work but before I leave I take the meter readings. I need something to motivate me, I need something…


The train today is empty, well on the second half but then I have got up earlier as I have a client in a nine so I thought it best to get tot he office before them.


The morning passes by all too quickly and before you know it, its dinner time. And I decide to give NPower a call. It about time I stared paying for this gas and electricity I’m using. Interestingly they can sort out the gas meter, that's been registered, and I can go on a tariff that will save me some wonga. They reckon that I will use £360 of gas and the tariff they have put me on will cost £280. What worries me is the fact I was using £15 a week on the prepay meter, So can any of this be right? For now I’m put on a twenty five pound direct debit. The electricity though, that can’t be sorted out. They know the meters been changed but the meter has been registered on the system, and until it registered by somebody at sometime they can’t do nowt. I should try again in the not to distant future. I feel so reassured by this situation


A few hours pass and I go home. And when I get there, two things have come through the door, The Croydex spare parts they said they would send me at Christmas. Now I can put that second towel rail up at some point.


And a letter from NPower entitle “Relax you don’t need to do anything”. Now they were either very quick of the mark from the call earlier or they plainly meant it and I shouldn’t have called them at all!

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