Monday, February 16, 2015

Romantic Night In


Monday morning and as I step outside the door I consider the fact I haven't put the bin out. Have they been yet? the bin men that is. I put the bin next tot he road, a message in the milk bottle and wait to see what happens. Its raining, so that was one horrible walk to the station. and its one of those cheap stations without a roof. I ponder within my own head, will it be quieter on the train as its half term and all those bone idle lazy teachers will be making the most of a lie in whilst the people with real jobs still have to graft.


On the train I’m taunted by the Metro and a “guide” on skiing, – I take a note that I must check out the Yad Moss.


i end up working late and by the time I get home it is 7:30, the milk man has been and got his message, but will they deliver? I make a sandwich for tea as that is all I want. I was going to sand down that plaster but not tonight is how I feel. I put the PS3 on and see Rodent is playing GTAV. I try and join with him, however god has other plans for me.


And the house is suddenly left in darkness, and the streets. I light my candles and have a romantic night in alone. In fact there’s nothing to do but go to bed, thankgod I didn’t start the plaster work.

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