Saturday, February 28, 2015

So very very ill


At 4am on Saturday morning my body wakes me up. It wakes me up to inform me I’m ill, I’m very, very ill. Now when I’m ill I usually sleep very very well. This time though my body had altered me to the fact I was ill and getting worse. Being a bloke that meant nothing. To be fare I don’t remember much about Saturday other than the pains, the sweat, the bad head and extremely sore throat. I didn’t get up, my parents did my shopping dropped it off apparently and left me looking unwell cuz that's what I wanted. Sunday I got up at some point. Changed my bed linen and took the dripping wet linen round my parents for them to wash. When I went round they looked amazed to see me I didn’t twig for a moment I wasn’t going to be alright. I washed my car and had a tinker with it before going back in to the house to see them to say I’ve made a mistake I’ve got to go home and to bed.


And so I actually got worse than yesterday, The worst bit though was the sore throat, and the coughing with it and the lumps of horribleness that I quiet literally vomited out of my lungs with great pain. Er Yuk


I stayed in bed for some time.


Eventually I had to eat, something soft, and nutricous


I also had angle delight, rice pudding. And that's it really. My body hurt to much to read, to watch TV so i just lay there and for the most of it watched the cracks in the ceiling slowly get bigger!


One thing was for sure, as soon as I was well enough I’d sort out a doctor like I kept saying I would all this time.

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