Monday, February 09, 2015

Sucking your brains out


I catch the train as usual, and open my book to near the end the journey of stories is nearly over it is all unfolding right in front of my eyes, and then I look up.


I’m sitting here at Walsall station, listening to the birds on the roof. I’d never really consider why they like to by on the roof of this station, under a a tunnel and then the answer comes to me.


They like to nest on top of the lamps where its warm. UUUUGHHH.


Only one chapter left, only ten pages to read, only seven hundred and forty two words to go, only ninety two sentences, only ninety two full stops, only how long can I stretch out the adventure, how will it end, should I know by know? Maybe on the journey home, maybe.


Sometime later after work, it ends, it all ends the book, the story the words. Something about sucking your brains out? Something like that.


Well that's the end of that, what an enlightenment. The end well wasn’t great, the story telling was but the book no. Would I read this again. Hell no.


I’m unsure what to have for tea, out come some waffles, the potato variety, some burgers, tomatoes, and a whole load of other stuff.


I thought I’d better do something useful so I got on with putting that second towel rail up. Once more life doesn’t get much more exciting than this.


And so the fixings go up and the glue is allowed to set.


And as if by magic.


I become a two towel rail man, I like said life doesn’t get much better than that…..

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