Saturday, February 14, 2015

They’ve found me now


Friday I decided to sleep in the main bedroom. Hell that bed is comfy, and the black out curtains work well. You just have to get used to the traffic noise, which you don’t hear in the back bedroom.


I go downstairs, get a cup of tea and get the post. Then open the post and go to my computer. I look out of the window at the closed pub and consider…


How it took them this long for them to finally write my name on the letter. I’ve had several of these all addressed to the occupier, this from the council I pay the council tax to, has finally worked out it it me the council tax payer who lives here. I must vote. Its a shame really I wanted to vote for the place I didn’t live in. And whilst here on the PC confirming the person they wrote to lives here and would like to vote I decide to have at look at the npowers web site.


Having scowered the website, I can see where they have come up with the £22 a month bill, but I am confused that it that considering they know and have a record of how much I was using before the new meter was put in. Baffled but know that £22 will not be enough I await a big bill and will continue giving them monthly meter readings. The only one I think that will be right here is Januarys. I can look at the electricity to and I’m beginning to realise why they didn’t finalise paying this. Its a mess. But why? I give in and log out knowing that one day they will chase me for payment when they are ready.


I go shopping with my mom, into two, we get her some new shoes, me my groceries, wander around the market and then head over to Homebase, I really wanted to go to B&Q but went here instead. I knew it was going to be a mistake, anyway I came out with an Argos catalogue, which you may A think is strange and B is KLF’ed to hell or heaven. Either way this was only to be deduced whilst sitting having dinner in The Barns, which is where we went for dinner.


I dropped my mom off back at home and went round the Greenies for a while to be abused by many children and was glad when Matt came round. Things settled down I was was no longer shot. I had a nice cuppa tea, some Ibropuphen and chat. It was nice to have some company, I didn’t want to leave but I did. I went home unpacked my car, filled the fridge and relaxed.


I opened the homebase catalogue looked and considered the 15% off and the “value” I had on my nectar card that I had never ever used before to get anything with. I considered, and considered.


Then to relax for the night I listened to Jasper Carrot playing on the record player, a record I’d picked up from Cannock market. The bloke loves me at the store, he watches me pull out loads of things and then just take the one completely random thing. Well I couldn’t find anymore KLF items. Lots of Starwars figures but no KLF. One that was over I played with Trevor once more. Trevor was a bead boy!

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