Friday, February 20, 2015

This time I brought along a tree


I get up and its light, and with that I put some cloths on, the rest of the cloths I haven't put on I put in my bags, I have breakfast, fill the boot of the car and turn the heating off. And then I remember there is one thing that needs to be brought along. Its waited so patently and travelled with me a couple of times just in case.


today I’m going to work in the car, and being Friday and half term the motorway should be empty. How wrong can you be? As Rog put it, the M6 has been vile this week. Brill I think but too late now, I’m here.


Going nowhere, as usual it would seem. I did get to work, although no quicker than going on the train. Odd that.


the finish of work comes and I get in my car to head towards Manchester, apparently we have a full weekend ahead of us. Zoe gives me a call on her new car phone, and it is crystal clear. The band we are seeing doesn’t start until 8:30 pm so I don’t have to rush up for a change. ALan send me a text and for that I have to wait for the M6 to come to a stand still, which it does.


And not for a short time either. someone has crashed. and there is trouble ahead. Before I have time to reply to Alan now we are stationary he calls me, aparently its fish and chips for tea, if that's alright with me? Hell when isn’t it? I mean I’d had chips for dinner from the chippy. Eventually they open one lane slowly, oh so slowly we are moving.


I call Alan back to advise him the new expected time, he has already got the fish and chips, although they are not from the closest chip shop, nope they are from the chip shop that is always closed. I arrive at their home with a lot of bags, more than normal, so that is a lot. well I really didn’t know what we were going to be doing this time. “Oh Nack you’ve brought so much more than usual!”. “And guess what I have brought with me? You’ll never guess?” and I handed over an apple tree to her. “I’ve never brought an apple tree before”. I put my things away, get changed and have dinner and a beer with them. We are lovely and relaxed and it is good to be back up here, a good feeling I have missed, and I have missed there faces and voices so much, I knew I had but hadn’t realised just how much. And so for a walk in the cold we go.


There arn’t that many places I get lost in Stockport now, but tonight we went somewhere new, different, for me anyway. we went to The Finger Post. here we where going to see some bands. One inparticular Zoe and Alan want to see. We entered the warm inviting pub, the noise of music could be heard in the background. we got a couple of beers and headed in the direction of the noise.


Band two were good, very good, great in fact, a good band live.


A band I could have listened to over and over. Some quality instrument playing, some decent lyrics.


And a sound that jelled together so well. When it was over, it was the end, the end of a good session, one they could be pleased about, as much as the audience.


There was an interval, time to get beer and visit the comfort room, where we sat down for a short period of time.


The noise from the music room came and we got up and went in, Sky Valley Mistress were on, Alan and Zoe were excited? Why? On came a girl of long curly locks and a big mouth, a big mouth that produce a voice so stunning, with her hair waving to and fro and her voice carrying through the air, whilst the guitarist and drummer knocked their tunes out with great moves of their own.


They were as much a joy to watch as they were to listen too, something that not every band achieves. Better still she always like having something in her hands, if it wasn’t the maracas, it was the tambourine, ah the memories of Sarah and Gary's wedding, please give me a tambourine. 


Joyanat as it was, they played and played until there was nothing left to play, then they played some more until the lights came on.


They were good, they were good enough to get the CD, and for Alan he got a T-shirt. Maybe it was just for the walk home, maybe it wasn’t


When we arrived home the King of Shaves was still on the shelf, just like Alan said. We started playing GTAV Alan in my bedroom, and Zoe in the living room with me lying with Mr Tickle on the sofa. I could feel myself falling to sleep though, so I said goodnight and went up stairs. I climbed into bed and said good night to Alan who was sitting right next to my feet, even the light didn’t keep me awake. I wonder what tomorrow will hold for us and with that I closed my eyes and breath deeply (apparently).

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