Friday, March 20, 2015



I get down stairs and the sun is coming through the curtains. It makes me smile.


I have breakfast and head to the station, walking via the town center again.


They are setting up a big street market in the center, it looks good and I want to shop.


On the train, I get my book out this is it, I’m so near the end. Will I finish it today or not.


It looks more like so than not.


At work people are staring out side the window, for today is eclips day. There is so much excitement, for them. To me it means nothing. Not unless the sun isn’t going to come back out. Then that would be something. That would be spectacular, that would be the beginning of the end.


I have dinner which is salad with piri piri sauce on it and some Italian ham. It doesn’t work great.


Later back on the train I avidly pick up where i left off.


And this is it, this is the end.


Nope the sun stayed, as I closed the covers of 9781849532938.


And this is where i get off.


At home its time to sand and then to


paint. I get a base coat on and then once tacky


I get a thick coat on to cover up as much of the none flat issues as possible. I wonder what it will look like in the morning, My plan is to do as much of this room as I can this week end, and try to finish it. I get cleaned up and go to play GTAV with Zoe and the Rodent.

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