Monday, March 23, 2015

A New Friend


Monday is here already, I get up and for a brief moment I enjoy the garden view.


And then the view of my two towel rails and the blue towels on them.


And then ponder how should I keep my white towels white. They never come out of the washing machine white. I wait for Daz man to appear at the front door, but never does.


When I get home that night it is sunny still so I go for a walk around my garden to make my neighbours consider that I’m truly going mad.


And whilst in the garden I make a friend, a Ginger cat that I’ve seen cross the rear garden fence. Me watching her, watching me. She is friendly enough and then say “don’t listen to that fairy, she’ll only cause you trouble”.


And with that she starts to wander off.


She enjoys sniffing the daff before climbing over the wall.


Now last night I brought one of these from ebay to replace the defunct one in my stairs.



Its the same one that is fitted as the one in the house has never worked since I’ve moved in.


Today though I noticed the display had come on! typical. I pressed some buttons but the menu system was to me not logical in what was going on.


Unlike most men I got the instructions out and was no wiser. Notably though the floor was not getting warm.


I gave up and settled on the sofa with Retro Gamer that had come through the door. Another exciting night in then.

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