Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blown Away


Girlfriend in a Coma is going well, I love the world we are in, the characters, and so far this book works well, for me, it may be sadly moody, but it is written in a beautiful sad manner that's enjoyable and engrossing.


What I didn’t know is that there is two parts to it. And so she has woken up. What will part two hold for me on the way home?


Well its been windy all day, and while I joked I would like a lift off someone as the trains wouldn’t be running, I was joking. but I shouldn’t have done. the train was initially shown as late. Then delayed.


then they decided they couldn’t find the crew member, most likely the driver.


then it just started being put back, and back and back. And then I thought


I could use their twitter service and ask Mark if the 5:05pm train was actually running.


There was no reply. The next due train was 5:35pm so would that come or would they merge into one?


No body would know I guess.


But a train did come and I was on my way to ThameBridge Parkway.


Tonight I was meeting my dad at the station and going somewhere, so actually getting to Cannock on time was important, this was a race against the darkness.


Oddly the train was being advertised with 5 carriages, which would be interesting considering they can only get 3 carriages at each station.


Then suddenly I’m twitted back. An interesting reply considering I’m not at Aston anymore!


I not the works that are going to shut the Trent Valley railway service down, and although not pointed out very well on Tuesday too.


The train comes and I get on, I even get a seat. I update my dad on the expected time of arrival and


the train whizzes on.


I decide to twit London Midland back, a kind of sarcastic but thankful reply, you never know I might need to use the twitter service again. Oh well I will use the service again there is no doubt about it.


I get home and its dark. The fence that isn’t mine has blown in and is half way down the garden.


I get the fence panel put it in front of my garage and put a big brick on it. This does of course give me good reason to go and see the neighbours I’m attached to but never see to see hello to since I’ve moved in. And after that I get the trailer and put it on the car, and head to Tamworth pondering will it even fit in the trailer?


As it happens it does, it fits perfectly with the legs sitting inside, I strap it down well never the less with this wind.


Back at home I’m in the garage, I put the raised bed boards in that my parents collected for me and


give the table a new home for now.


and with that, can you believe it was time for bed already!

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