Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blown Over


I get up and head downstairs to the kitchen. My mom is coming round for the day, so that could mean she arrives whenever. As I look out of the kitchen window I see the Buddha has blown over. It must have been really windy as he’s not a light chap. So before I have breakfast


I go and brave the outside world and put him back up. I cook an enjoyable breakfast and whilst waiting around


I take it easy. I could have done some plastering, I should have done some plastering, but I don’t. If I started that would have been the moment she would have turned up. So I read the paper instead and its good news in there for a change.


Eventually she comes and we head out to the town centre, she’s forgotten her blue pass so I end up paying for the parking. We go through the shops one by one and head into Iceland. A shop I have not entered before. My mom asks if she can have a shopping trolley to help her walk with and I say that we were only nipping in and out. Some £35 quid spent later we leave. I have to take the bags to the car as they are too heavy to haul around. As we pass through the center again I ponder what the anchor is for? After all Cannock is many many many miles away from the sea.


We go for dinner in the Waetherspoons, and sit down upstairs in the bustling pub.


I look at all the seeds I have planted, and consider when they might actually get planted.


Dinner comes, nothing healthy here, but enjoyable. After the feast we do some more shopping until my mom is tired.


We head home and get out the shopping, in particular the iceland stuff.


Where I realise that the freezer isn’t that empty!


Or big!


I squeeze it all in though.


Just like a the size of those cumbers I got from the green grocer.


And whilst her I refill the fridge section with some bacon and sausage for tomorrow.


As it happens I head into the garden and do some gardening with my mom.


I plant an awful lot of seeds.


Make some of the borders wider


And turn over the grass to the left of the Buddha.


I start to create a bed under the Christmas tree too.


So if it rains, hopefully some of these seeds may grow, maybe?


I like my little garden, I’m liking it more the more I’m out here and slowly changing it.


And after all that digging, my brother comes round, I have a beer and we play the story of GTA on the PS4 trying to raise enough money to mod the cars for the final heist, because somehow I blew the lot.


My dad collects my mom and drops me off a saw saying it might come in handy. I ponder why.


A bit latter we go for a walk into town, and head into the Royal Oak. I’d forgotten how cheap it can be to drink here. Two pints of IPA came to under four quid!


It was busy inside, so we sat outside under the eco heaters and enjoyed a natter.


As it happens my brother was very impressed with the under floor heating.


We move on to the curry house, via the under pass, and here in the darkness an artist had been and arranged two shopping trolleys. they had been on a night out, got plastered and fell asleep on each other. We let them be and walked on by to


the Saleem Bagh curry house. It had been a long long time since I’d been here. Maybe 15 years ago, I’m not sure, but what I do remember was we were sat on a table next to Steve Bull. Not that I recognised him until it was pointed out to me.


so would the food and service still be as excellent as all those years ago when this place had the very best reputation, and probably why Steve Bull was frequenting the place.


And are these fish on the menu?


Nope they were not. I take a look at how they describe Madras and Vindaloo.


It may not look busy in the photo here. But it was and service came without a smile.


That was until they notice I was photographing the food.


suddenly there was a furry of is everything okay, as if I’d found a fly or hair in the food.


But the pleasantness was nice, interesting, just like the food I had ordered.


I have to say though, that what ever my brother ordered it was nice.


Much nicer.


And no, I didn’t order Jalfrazi for a change.


I ordered pathia, and nice it was too, if a bit sweet for me.


The nans where delicious, fluffy and great.


My brothers main dish though….


now that was out of this world! really really great.


And at the end there was nothing left.


Not a thing.


It was still quiet early, so I though we would go to a pub as well that I had not been to for a long time, 15 years ago maybe? I don’t know, a long time.


Inside we were in a Marstons pub, I had a Boon Doggle and the drinks.


they came in Rosie's favourite glasses.


The place though had changed, and to me not the better. The layout didn’t work.


The place was atmosphere less. Perhaps I was asking too much. After all this was the place to be back then, and our most frequented of pubs in Cannock back in the day.


We left and my brother wanted to go to the endless beer festival of the Weatherspoons. It was busy, full rammed. Nowhere to sit, and here I didn’t finish my pint, I couldn't I was too full. In fact I hardly drank it, but I was ready for bed, I needed bed, so we left, we left for bed.

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