Wednesday, March 04, 2015



I brought a bedside draw set to match my wardrobe off ebay. Instwad of being £60 it was £35 new but assembled. Ao I brought it. I got my dad to cllect it from Bilston and he brought it round. Now when it came I was a surprised it came flat packed in a box. But I was too ill to be interested. So as you can imagine when I did get the strength to open the box, you can imagine my thoughts when I pulled the side panels out and found out it wasn’t beech like advertised! I mean everytime I buy something online its wrong. But at least this place wasn’t too far away. I contact them and they said that they had made a mistake. And so I sent my dad back with the packet.


And when he returned. He returned with a fully assembled set of draws. Now that made me smile, but even better they are the right colour.

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