Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Days To Kill


Having spent until 4:45pm asleep in bed ill, I eventually get up feeling too groggy from having too much sleep. And I pondered if that meant I wouldn't sleep tonight, and if I would ever get rid of this chest infection illness that's buggering me about.


I settle on the sofa and decide to put on my love film.


Its called 3 days to Kill.


I’d never heard of it,


but it was gripping from the beginning.


And Kevin did a good job.


Things were weird at times


and delightful at other moments


but in the end, it was all about getting a job done


wishing everyone fair well.


and finally retiring from the other job.


If I could watched it again I would. As it happens I might add it to my Bluray collection I liked it that much.


And with that, what ever happened to Water World and closed my eyes.

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