Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Girlfriend In A Coma


I get up have a wash and make my dinner. Today it has ham in it.


Its about the only thing that changes, what meat do I have in my salad? The first and most important question of the day.


Well that and what sauce I’m going to use.


Which today is source cream and chive.


A good squirt.


A good mix.


And into my bowl.


All ready now for breakfast.


today though I have to make another decision before I leave the house. Having finished The Circle Line it is time to start a new story. There are so many Copland’s


At first I was going to plumb for Eljah’s Mermaid. Or do I want to read another Copland.


I reach for Girlfriend in a Comma, a book purchased from when my friend opened up his book store, his recommendation fromt he thousands of books he had.


Its a lovely morning and a nice walk to the station. What isn’t so nice is the sign saying sorry for the reduced carriages there will be two! unlikely I’ll be reading that book then.


the train was full and there was four stations to go.


and after the next one the train was officially full, rammed, crammed. One considered would I be able to get off at Walsall?


It took some effort but I squeezed past lots of people the entrance rammed, and popped out of the trains door orifice.


I loved the announcement on the train of “Sorry for the two carriage but it was either this or cancelling the service”. They didn’t come and check the tickets.


Of course the second train I catch also goes to New Street, only I know that though. And it is empty.


I sit at a table seat and get my book out. I don’t want to read it now, I just want to sit and relax. I flick through a couple of pages, read the back and put it away.


On the way home though I start it, and read the first couple of chapters. Alan texts me “His best, but it won’t make you happy”.


I get home and my parents come round for tea at the last minute. It was nice, I set the table up and served up. And that was a good enough excuse to not do any plastering……

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